Low Impact Classes

Dance Electric-Modern dance/improv designed for fun to refresh the mind, move the body & make the heart sing.

Ayuma Zumba-Classic Zumba workout bringing traditional Zumba flare to the party.

Just Dance-Upbeat high energy fusion class woven together with easy choreography offering a great workout.

Break It Down Dance-Groove your way into shape with the cut, sleek dance moves of Zumba & Samba.

Saucy Jazz Dance-Dance and sweat and get a great workout without even knowing that you are exercising.

Zumba Spice-High energy  moves and music in a party-atmosphere dance class.

Sizzling Zumba-Dynamic, energetic toning class using Latin  and international music + dance moves.

Flexibility Training-Increase overall health & fitness by ensuring full joint range of motion thru stretching.

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