Mind/Body Classes

Athletic Yoga Flow-Build strength, flexibility & endurance with Vinyasa, Iyengar and Viniyoga.

Prakrti & Purusa Yoga-This class will look we will look at the paradox of moving into stillness.

Yoga Therapy For Backs & Beyond-Using yoga therapy  to relieve pain while gently stretching & strengthening.

Moving Into Grace Yoga-Flow into & out of poses of strength to increase body awareness & awaken the inner you.

Qi Gong Opening Your Energy Gates-Practice this ancient Chinese art to increase vitality & calm the mind.

Rise & Shine Yoga-Improve the range of motion of hips, hamstrings & shoulders with a mindful practice.

Yoga Connection-Mind, Body, Breath-Yoga poses immersion to refresh and renew.

Wild Wellness Yoga-Exploring our roots with a practice that brightens awareness.

Joyful Yoga-Establish a joyful foundation practice using 15  core yoga poses and three essential breath exercises.

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