We all know how harmful stress can be and sometimes we cannot control it. There is stress we hold in the body that we do not even know is there at times until it is released.

Movement helps with this of course, but it can be harder to find that way. With massage, when the body is able to relax, finding this release happens naturally. When this release happens, you will know by feeling any kind of shift in the body, whether you laugh, cry, start chatting, fall asleep...your body is simply telling you there is a change; you let go!

Not only is this important for our stress level, but we need it for exercise! We all go to
this club because we care about our physical health. Imagine what your body could accomplish if you got rid of the baggage locked in the body throughout your training!

Please contact me to book a massage with either myself, or James! We would love to
work with you.

Georgia Cotsis
Massage Therapist
[email protected]

James Ianessa-Ochoa
[email protected]