"Stress, headache, anxiety, toxins, pain, depression, muscle aches. Let it all go… Massage."

Massage Therapy is just as important as any therapy. Talking it out, singing it out, dancing it out, crying it out, etc. Massage gives us the time to relax in an uncontrollable way. When this happens, I have noticed that the mind wanders. This is a good thing. When we are at work, or conversing with others, we are talking about one topic at a time. When your mind wanders, it is an easy way of thinking about what you need for yourself and what you can do for others. When I get a massage for myself, I find that I am thinking more about the simple things…what I want to do that night, what to do with my sister next, etc. These simple things are what we enjoy, or what we feel emotional/passionate about. Easy to think of these things when we are in a relaxed and happy state of mind. And sometimes all we need is sleep! Massage can put us in that state as well.

In a nutshell, having a Massage Therapist work with you is the fastest way of simply telling yourself what you want and need on your own! No one else's input matters in this hour of your day. In the long run, this makes us more accountable and in control of what we can control in our lives.

We offer many different modalities here at the OVAC. Please book your Massage today by contacting me directly at 805-272-5619 or [email protected].