I have to be honest with you... I feel like I am on a roller coaster ride and sometimes it's not the best ride in town! Was really hoping that we would be seeing progress with COVID but it has not worked out that way. I want to thank every one of you for handling the mask mandate we are currently facing. Please remember our fitness areas outside if you are struggling to exercise with a mask. We were hoping to have more social events but feel it's just not the right time as we go through this next period.

We do have some good news though! We have many projects happening to make OVAC better than ever. We are currently adding three new shade structures by the pool. We got feedback that you guys wanted more shade and I think this will make a great addition. We also put in our order for 100 new lounge chairs by the pool. There is a shortage of aluminum so it will take 6-8 weeks but we are excited to give the pool furniture a much needed facelift! Our big project is also on the calendar for this month. We will start the tennis court project on courts 6-8. We will be pouring concrete and creating three new courts. After the project is done, we will resurface the remaining three side courts for early Spring.

We hope you will enjoy the new look when all the projects are done. Thanks again for being a part of the OVAC family!

See Ya at the Club!