MONDAY MAY 23, 11am-12pm Downstairs Fitness Center


The OVAC personal training staff is excited to show you the various health and fitness solutions available at OVAC to help you to SPRING into action. Bring your health and fitness questions and chat...no workouts required (but definitely an option). Free to OVAC Members only. Spring on in to learn more from our certified personal trainers about:

Booty Barre with Sarah Houseman: Yes with an actual barre! Be the first to learn about this NEW offering limited to individual sessions or very small groups.

Before the Workout Begins with Sarah Sidote-Ortiz: The mindset and movement prep you do before you start your workout is crucial to achieving any goal. Let Sarah share with you the knowledge of an insider's best practices.

Kickboxing/Speed Bag/Heavy Bag Fitness with Jesse Clark: Come participate or watch as Jesse demonstrates this exciting new offering that engages multiple muscle groups and will be sure to leave you feeling stronger than ever!

Stop the Pain with Trudie Town: Trudie's passion is to show you how the way you move your body has a direct affect on how you feel. From just a few basic movement patterns, Trudie is able to make highly individualized recommendations to help you move better and feel better.

TRX Training with Corkey Solow: What are those funny yellow straps in the gym anyway? Corkey will demo how any age and fitness level can use this incredible tool for functional movement to enhance core stability, strength, and mobility.

All About Fat Loss with Danielle Wommack: Weight loss expert Danielle is teaming up with Megan Thompson to test body fat at no charge, describe the benefits of anti-inflammatory eating, explain how various workouts influence fat loss goals, and showcase the various weight loss programs available at OVAC.

Theragun Treatments with Erin Foley: Come see how percussive massage using OVAC's newest free equipment offering can help you decrease muscle soreness and stiffness while increasing your range of motion using targeted vibrations and pressure.