By Georgia Cotsis, Pilates Director

The more I have taken Pilates class for myself and the more I have taught Pilates, I keep learning and being reminded how much this training does for each individual person. It is not about just getting in shape; becoming stronger and flexible. It does more for your mental health as well. Yes, all exercise should do that for us. The difference here is, the movements in this training are a lot of the time a sequence of steps put together into one exercise. This allows the body to go more inward, meaning it is not just an instruction, the exercise is telling the body to THINK about each step you are taking. This is one of the reasons why when people continue with Pilates, they look more graceful because it becomes more along the lines of choreography instead of a choppy work out. Leading to walking out of the class or private session feeling lighter and at ease, not just about knowing that your body was challenged physically.

In conclusion, Pilates helps us to get a more fluid and deeper work out so that we can do what is needed for the body, but also, what feels good for the body. Please sign up for your Free Private Pilates Session (across from the front desk) and kick off the new year!