Georgia Cotsis, Pilates Director

I have been happy to see more people returning to the OVAC and to Pilates! It has been a
good reminder that when we exercise with others, we typically put in more time and effort.
Having that interaction with others, allows for time to slow down and gives us energy to do our
best. Personally, when I teach movements in person, I make it clearer compared to when I am
working out at home. Do not get me wrong, both locations are important! At home (or on your
own) it gives your mind the time to process what you have been learning and applying it in your
own space. On site, we care more about doing the exercises with more energy.

This makes working out a "performance." We feel a boost of adrenaline, happiness,
togetherness, and it is uplifting! This is so obvious to me in Pilates because this training is already sequenced in a specific way. One could think of it as a dance. Please perform the Pilates sequence with us either at the private Pilates studio by signing up for a session across from the front desk if you have not already, and/or come to the group Mat Pilates class! Looking forward to it!