Hey There OVAC Tennis Friends,

Obviously, a lot has transpired in recent weeks and I hope this finds you healthy and sane.

If this is what retirement feels like I'm not ready for that any time soon. With everything going on please remember to take time for your physical well-being. Go for a hike, be outside, anything to reduce the stress that we're all feeling. Please use common sense in your daily activities- I want to see all of you around when the club reopens.

Tennis-wise I obviously don't have a lot to report. The Ojai, USTA leagues/tournaments, women's interclub and our upcoming VCJTA tournament have all been cancelled.

Please remember that the club is closed and that includes the tennis courts. All of our courts and the Weil Academy courts are off limits during the club closure for your own safety as well as our liability.

One good piece of news is that the work on the 4 new pickleball courts and the additional tennis/basketball court continues to take place while we are closed and will be ready for use when we reopen.

Don't lose touch with your tennis skills, take your racquet out at home and keep it handy., Pick it up several times a day. Putter around outside with it. Hit off a wall. Remind yourself how good that grip feels in your hand and we'll be back on the courts in no time.

See you soon!