Since leagues and social events remain off-limits, tennis is still In a holding pattern. It is arguably the single safest form of organized exercise you can engage in and for that we should be thankful.
Speaking of safety, please note that court 6 is in pretty tough shape on the North end near the bike trail and court 7 isn't far behind. Resurfacing of these courts had been scheduled prior to the Covid shutdown and we are working on a fix. In the meantime, for your own safety please try to avoid using these courts. Remember, we have a beautiful brand new court 11 up top adjacent to the pickleball courts that is usually vacant.



Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out to the recent pickleball happy hour.
A few of you have inquired about ordering racquets. We have affiliations with ProLite and Gearbox brand paddles and we can assist you in ordering those through the club by contacting Steve.
Also please contact Steve at 805.746.0819 or sbeckendorf@caclubs.com to have your name added to the pickleball master list so you can receive emails relating to pickleball, clinics, play days and happy hours.