The heat has finally come to the Valley and I think it took some time for us to adjust. We were pretty spoiled by all that cool weather before. July rocked here at OVAC. Ted Lennon had a great performance and Sarah did her magic with another awesome Wine and Paint Night. We are currently working to have a DJ by the pool this month.

I want to apologize for the AC units not behaving last month. It never ceases to fail that no matter how well we prep the AC units before the summer, a few just want to give out once the heat kicks in. I want to thank Leo and Rodrigo for always finding solutions to difficult problems throughout the club. They are amazing and I feel very lucky to have them on the team.

Many members have been asking about the upcoming pool project and when the construction will start. We have been able to push back the project till October 23 and it will last till November 20. We will keep everyone updated if we get any more information. We will have to shut down one pool at a time during the project. Stay tuned for more information.

We hope everyone is enjoying the club and the pools. I really think that the summer guest policy has helped take some pressure off the pools during the hot days. There seems to be room for everyone to enjoy the club. We thank you for your support and hope you have an amazing August!

See Ya at the Club!