I wanted to take this time to address everyone in regards to our changing back and forth with software systems. I really can't thank everyone enough for handling the change with such a positive attitude. We were hoping that the new system would provide the members and employees a more positive experience. The member portal was not that bad but we were disappointed that the company did not provide an app and their solution was to upload it on your phone's home screen. Also, the member portal was just a small slice of the complications the company was having with the new system. We are very happy to be able to go back to our previous system even though it provided frustration for some trying to log in to the old app.

I want to personally apologize to all of you and once again thank you for your patience navigating from one system to the next. You guys are amazing and a testament to why OVAC is an amazing place. We hope you enjoy September and we look forward to providing more entertainment now as we move forward!

See Ya at the Club!
Ryan Gaston