January Newsletter 2018

January 3, 2018



imgWell, what can I say…. Last month was easily the most emotional time of my life. No one could have imagined what was in store for us as Mother Nature gave Ojai all it could handle. We are so amazingly lucky and blessed to still have a club after the Thomas Fire. I wish I could say that everyone was as lucky, but there were so many heartbreaking stories of lost homes and property from members and employees. Though my family and I evacuated during the time of the fire, I was able to come and check on the club daily. It was amazing to have staff come and help clean as the event was happening. I can’t personally thank Leo and his staff enough for coming in and working crazy hours to get the club back running again. As a thank you for handling all the craziness during the fire we want to give every membership a free one-week family pass valued at $120. You can pick it up anytime at the front desk. Feel free to give it to friends or family anytime during 2018.

We hope everyone is safe and I hope the Holidays were joyful. If you know anyone who lost a home and needs a place for a hot shower, exercise, or just relaxation please contact me anytime and we would love to invite them to the club. Let’s hope for a great 2018 and an even stronger Ojai!!

See Ya at the Club!





We have rescheduled the club doubles championships for Saturday, January 13th. The auction will take place Friday, January 12th at 5 pm. 






January 1st through March 31st


OVAC coaches will always do their best to accommodate lap swimmers. As swim class attendance continues to grow you may be asked to share a lane if you plan to swim during scheduled classes. To ensure a comfortable lap swim, it’s best to plan your lap pool workout before or after swim classes.








By Fitness Director Danielle Wommack


imgI want nothing more than for you to feel good, both inside and out. I want you to feel empowered that you CAN lose weight, you CAN feel energized again, you are NOT at the mercy of your hormones and you CAN eliminate gut issues. And you can do it simply in a way that is sustainable. OVAC’s ROCK YOUR DREAM JEANS and all new ROCK YOUR DIET programs are your simple keys to success.


The ROCK YOUR DREAM JEANS 8-WEEK TRANSFORMATION puts you face to face with a personal trainer twice a week to help you achieve a fitness level you never thought possible. In addition, you receive a complete nutrition plan intended to support your metabolism and lead to long last fat loss that is easily sustainable. Your workouts with a trainer are done in a relaxed small group setting where you can sweat, have fun and shed body fat.

The ROCK YOUR DIET 21 DAY MAKEOVER is a nutrition only plan that takes out all the guess work of eating for health, healing and weight loss. It is designed to create optimal hormone balance in your body through diet to heal your gut. The eating plan provides relief from a hidden epidemic of pain, suffering and unnecessary weight gain caused by the foods you eat. Participants can also join the private Rock Your Diet Facebook group for further support and guidance.


January 8th-March 1st, 2018

Tu & Th 9:45-10:45am
Mo & We 6:45-7:45am
Mo & We 5:00-6:00pm

Here’s How It Works

 Bring in jeans you can get on but can’t button. You WILL be wearing those jeans at the end.

Here’s What It Includes 

2 personal trainer led group workouts, 8 solo strength training workouts, Nutrition program and journal, Motivation & educational email several times a week, Q & A emails with me

How Is This Program Different?

It will REINVENT your body. You will learn the value of strength training and metabolic training as key weight loss tools. You will experience breakthrough moments and feelings of empowerment that come along with such breakthroughs.

Cost (Non-refundable)

Two payments of $198.50 for members (billed in January & February) or one pre-payment of $476 for non-members. Email me at dwommack@caclubs.com to enroll.

Next round starts Dec 20 (enrollment ends Dec 16)

What to Expect

  • 21 days of easy meal planning including breakfast recipes, lunch guidelines, dinner recipes and shopping lists (vegetarian and vegan options too)
  • Goal setting and inspiration guides, a system to track changes to your body and self awareness worksheets
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Program is completely delivered via email for this self guided makeover
  • 7-20 pounds of weight loss
  • Reclaim your energy and overcome fatigue
  • Never have to go hungry or count calories again
  • Reset your hormones
  • Eat healthy meals the entire family will enjoy
  • Reclaim your overall health

Cost (Non-refundable)
$99 for both members and non-members. Email me at dwommack@caclubs.com to enroll.



They most certainly aren’t the whole picture, but calories most definitely matter.

You could exercise for 5 hours a day and not lose weight, IF, you are in a caloric surplus.

You can eat salads (some have over 1,000 calories) and still gain weight, IF, you are in a caloric surplus for the day/week.

You can perform ANY exercise (not just the top ten fat melting exercises from the last issue of Men's Health) and will burn fat, IF, you are in a caloric deficit.

You can lose weight on ANY diet, IF, you are in a caloric deficit. You can gain weight on ANY diet, IF, you are in a caloric surplus.

Bottom line: Calories matter.






We hope this holiday season brought you, your loved ones and our gentle planet, the blessings of love & kindness…..the hope for success & prosperity….the anticipation of peace & serenity….and always, always….the pursuit of goodwill for all people….and animals.


I received much feedback from my newsletter last year about Kobe Bryant.  Some said that it was inspiring to them.  So, I am re-running it to hopefully inspire more people during these dubious times.  Keep positive and keep moving forward.  ~Julie


Not too long ago my husband and I were watching Kobe Bryant play his last basketball game.  It was quite something to watch a 37 year old athlete playing the game as a 20 year old might.  He scored 60 points, the most points scored by a player in that season.  I had mixed feelings watching Kobe over the years.  I admired his skill and determination, but I remember seeing that look in his eyes often that reminded me of a lion about to pounce on a sweet little deer.  Is it a competitive drive and mental toughness?  A “killer instinct” is what I would call it.  This is what I believe led many people to dislike him.  Actually, many people hated him.  Watching that last game of Kobe’s I wondered what could he possibly do next in life where he would be able to unleash that same kind of killer instinct.  Politics, maybe?  During that game a commercial came on with Kobe in it.  It showed Kobe scoring and then out in the audience came shouts of, “you suck”.  Music came on with players from opposing teams singing lyrics of hating Kobe.  Kobe played the conductor.  He had a calm demeanor, smiling as he conducted these people lashing out at him.  He appeared to just let it roll off his shoulders (shaking it off).  It ends with him walking peacefully into his locker room and then the phrase, “Just do it” appeared on the screen.   This really struck me, even though I had seen that phrase many times over the years.  The thought that someone so hated by so many would not let that bother him was amazing to me.

imgI disliked Kobe’s killer instinct, but I admire him not allowing people’s perception of him to bring him down.  He was relentless about proving himself and pushed himself physically to his personal best. By Kobe’s commitment to his physical regime, he extended his quality playing time by many years.  I don’t believe you have to have that killer instinct to strive for your personal best.  Just do it! Do the best you can. Whatever movement you do, whether it is playing a sport, dancing, exercising in the gym, Pilates, or just taking a walk.  Just do it and commit to it.  You too can extend the playing time of your life by just committing to a physical regime.  And, you will feel better for it. 


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