Massage Therapy:

Massage Therapy is another passion of mine. It is one of the best ways to relax the body and mind and it allows us to bring more attention to what our bodies need on a regular basis. My other passions in life are Pilates and Dance...Massage has been a wonderful addition that shows me we cannot exercise our bodies to our fullest ability without caring for it. Point being...on top of Massage being a stress reducer, it helps us to balance, tone, and more happily move the way we need to consistently.
The more people I massage, the more I realize they are all dedicated to something else that keeps them happy. So adding Massage to your routine is extremely helpful in staying on your feet!

Massage options:

Swedish Massage (50 min) - $110
Lomi Lomi Massage (50 min) - $110
Deep Tissue Massage (50 min) - $110
Sports Massage (60 min) - $120
Swedish Massage (30 min) - $65
Lomi Lomi Massage (30 min) - $65

Georgia Cotsis Contact
Massage Therapist:
[email protected]