Pilates can provide a wonderful method to achieve total-body fitness. Whether used as a stand-alone method or a supplement to other fitness routines; Pilates gives you strength and mobility all at the same time. Starting a Pilates program will build the core, create stability, prevent injuries, and allow the body to perform more efficiently in other exercise and daily activities.

We offer different package rates for private and duet Pilates sessions. You are entitled to take advantage of a Free Pilates session beforehand! The sign up sheet is located across from the front desk.

Georgia Cotsis has been a dancer for most of her life. Her passion for dance motivated her to be involved in other areas of fitness. She attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas where she received a Bachelors in Dance and a Pilates Certificate. She gained a love for Pilates after her first semester studying it because it allowed her body to move more efficiently in technique classes, but also in other physically demanding movements. She realized not only does Pilates increase range of motion, but also helps to realign the body. This was important for Georgia because she has scoliosis, so she realized that this training is very beneficial for injuries and individuals that suffer from asymmetry as well. Georgia is determined to pass on the benefits and relaxation that Pilates has given her.

Georgia Cotsis 
Pilates Director:
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Kelsey Eckerson 
Pilates Instructor:
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Taylor Bowen
Pilates Instructor:
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Amanda Gavlick
Pilates Instructor:
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Private Sessions
Single Session $85
5 Session Package $410
10 Session Package $800

Duet Sessions
Single Session $70
5 Session Package $325
10 Session Package $620

30 minute sessions available at half price