April Newsletter 2020


So....here we are. I'm sitting in my office typing this newsletter as the club is silent with no sound other than this keyboard. I still have to process every morning that the club is closed and I don't know when it will open again. It's frustrating and sad. I miss my staff and I miss you guys. Lots of emotions run through me from one hour to the next. I hope everyone is safe and following guidelines to keep you healthy.

We are working hard to get members up to date information. Hopefully everyone has gotten a couple of emails regarding dues. Please remember that membership dues are on freeze until we reopen the club. No one is required to pay for April, May or however long we are in this situation.

We also hope everyone is enjoying the staff videos on Facebook and Instagram. Please join our page for info and cool videos from our staff. I also hope everyone tries out the Les Mills link that was sent to you in our last email. It has over 60 classes for free to try and they are great!

Please know that we miss you greatly and can't wait to get the club back open! Please be safe and stay positive. We will get through this and be better than ever!!


Till we meet again!



We had some members at the beginning of our closure email me stating that they would like to continue their dues if that meant we could keep paying our employees. It was something that we didn't first think of but we put our heads together and sent an email to all members giving them the option knowing it will go towards our staff. I'm so happy to say with the help of members and California Athletic Clubs we are able to pay our entire staff a full salary for the entire month of April! I can't tell you as a GM how thankful I am that we can continue to help our staff as we go through this crazy event. Thanks again for all your help and stay safe!!




I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy during this time! I have had a few members ask me about mat Pilates exercises they can do at home. This is a great way of staying toned, flexible, and aware of how your body is feeling each day. If you are interested please contact me at gcotsis@caclubs.com. Pull out that mat and get started! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!




By Danielle Wommack, Fitness Director

Well, there goes the excuse that we are too busy to exercise!

I hope you are enjoying the plethora of free workouts available all over the internet, including OVAC's social media. But, if you are feeling stuck about how to workout at home, or have any specific questions, I would love to help you dwommack@caclubs.com.

But what about the kids? I've been trying to sneak in some added movement throughout the day for my whole family. Here is a simple idea for you to try with your family using doorways or hallways:

1. Every time the kids (or even the whole family, why not?) walk through a doorway, then do a particular move. We have done push-ups, squats, jumping jacks, the twist…you get the idea. You can decide how many repetitions they must do, but keep the number low (1 to 5).

2. Another version of this uses a long hallway in your home. In this version, the kids must do a particular movement anytime they travel the hallway. Examples would be walking lunges (forward or backward), high knee steps, side shuffling, dancing, etc.

You can mix up the moves as frequently as you'd like or even let the kids pick the moves – you'll be surprised at the creative ideas they come up with for movement! Let your imagination run wild with this and have fun.



Hey There OVAC Tennis Friends,

Obviously, a lot has transpired in recent weeks and I hope this finds you healthy and sane.

If this is what retirement feels like I'm not ready for that any time soon. With everything going on please remember to take time for your physical well-being. Go for a hike, be outside, anything to reduce the stress that we're all feeling. Please use common sense in your daily activities- I want to see all of you around when the club reopens.

Tennis-wise I obviously don't have a lot to report. The Ojai, USTA leagues/tournaments, women's interclub and our upcoming VCJTA tournament have all been cancelled.

Please remember that the club is closed and that includes the tennis courts. All of our courts and the Weil Academy courts are off limits during the club closure for your own safety as well as our liability.

One good piece of news is that the work on the 4 new pickleball courts and the additional tennis/basketball court continues to take place while we are closed and will be ready for use when we reopen.

Don't lose touch with your tennis skills, take your racquet out at home and keep it handy., Pick it up several times a day. Putter around outside with it. Hit off a wall. Remind yourself how good that grip feels in your hand and we'll be back on the courts in no time.

See you soon!




Hi Kid's Club parents and kids! We miss all of you and can't wait to see you and hear about how you are staying healthy and having fun. I have been enjoying more walks with my dog, Torrey.
See you soon!

Hi all from Kid's Club! Lilz and I are really missing all of you. I hope everyone is healthy, happy and enjoying quality family time. I know things can be hard right now but it won't last forever! We'll be able to play in Kid's Club once again but in the meantime we are trying to fill our time with a lot of outdoor activities, puzzles, games, schoolwork and learning life skills.

Stay healthy and hope to see you all when it's safe!

We are painting positive messages on ricks and placing them outside for those who walk by.