August Newsletter 2020


To say that running an athletic club during COVID is a challenge would be an understatement. First, I want to thank every one of you for handling all the changes throughout these tough times. We were caught off guard by the state restricting indoor activities last month but we will keep working hard to move as much equipment as possible outside. We are very thankful to have both pools open and want to remind everyone that social swimming is allowed. We have plenty of space and great weather to enjoy some great family pool time!!

I also hope everyone gets an opportunity to enjoy the new pickleball courts upstairs from the cafe deck. We are having open play for all members twice a week. It's a great way to meet new members and learn a fun game!! We also have plenty of group fitness classes outside by the cafe. We are putting up more shade to offer a better experience. If you can't make a class at the club feel free to try our Zoom options.

We hope everyone stays healthy and safe,

Ryan Gaston



imgI just can't express into words the loss of our dear friend Robert Wolpe. Robert has been with OVAC for over 7 years and the impact he had on our club was irreplaceable. Anyone who had the pleasure to meet Robert knows that he was special. He connected with others in a way that few can do. He cared and had true empathy for people. I always looked forward to seeing my friend every weekday at the club. He was always ready to work and took so much pride in the amazing job he did as our evening manager. I always felt at ease leaving the club knowing that Robert had everything handled. He was a leader and set the bar for others to follow.

Robert was more than an employee, he was a friend and someone I could talk to when I needed an ear to bend. He would always listen and give advice in a deep and personal way. I loved our conversations. I feel very lucky to have had Robert as a friend and employee. We always take pride in saying we are family here at OVAC and Robert is a prime example of that expression. We lost a member of our family and he will be greatly missed.

We love you Robert...




-Danielle Wommack, Fitness Director

You can't fully control whether or not you fall ill with COVID or any cold or flu. And there is so much that goes into how your body will respond to an illness. But you can definitely have an impact of some of these factors.

There isn't a protect all supplement, food, or workout, but your daily actions can definitely positively influence your immune system in a very meaningful way. Such practices can reduce your exposure and susceptibility, help you to improve your immune system, and help your body to fight off any nasty intruders. And best of all, incorporating these practices puts YOU back in control, which can be a major stress reliever.

I recommend starting with these basic immune boosting practices (meaning you might not be perfect all the time, but you keep trying – practicing):

  1. Most of your food should be minimally processed whole foods. Make sure to eat
    enough protein, fruits, and vegetables

    Protein: If you are deficient you are more susceptible to infectious disease as protein in the building block of antibodies.
    Key Nutrients: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Omega 3-fatty acids will all help your body fight infection.
  2. Eat the correct amount of calories to avoid too much body fat
    Pay attention to your portion sizes. Also consider supporting your gut health with pre and probiotic rich foods like bananas, yogurt, and sauerkraut to help boost good gut bacteria. If you struggle with gut issues, please email me at for more information about Rock Your Diet to detect food intolerances and sensitivities.
  3. Move your body on a regular basis
    Besides having long-term protective benefits for your body, moving enhance immunity and reduces stress. If you need help with at home workout program or would like assistance here at the Club, please email me at I promise you we have something to offer in your budget.
  4. Reduce/eliminate smoking and too much alcohol
    Both negatively affect your health and your immunity.
  5. Find ways to manage your stress
    Stress will always be a part of life. But you owe it to yourself and to your health to prioritize downtime and stress relieving activities to the best of your ability (meditation, walks in nature, laughter, reading, quiet alone time).
  6. Sleep 7-9 quality hours
    You may need to disconnect from your electronics 30 minutes before bed. Or clear your mind with reading/meditation. Practice going to bed at a reasonable time (before 12am). And keep your sleeping environment dark, clean and cool.

And remember, improving even a few of these items will be more beneficial than doing none of them. You don't need to do everything. Start small and allow room for progress.




- By Georgia Cotsis

Once we were told that we could not have any indoor services at the Club, it was no problem for us! We moved all the Pilates equipment outside and it has been a beautiful space for this training. Connecting to your body while you are surrounded by the amazing trees that we have on site. All clients have been enjoying it, especially during this unpredictable time. Huge stress relief!

Also, now offering PRIVATE Pilates on Zoom! Only difference is we cannot use the equipment, but great option in being in the comfort of your own home. You will not have to worry about the distractions of your home because you will still have your own instructor right there with you.

Two very safe spaces for what we love to do… move the body, stay fit, happy, and healthy! Please contact Pilates Director, Georgia Cotsis, at, or Pilates Instructor, Kelsey Eckerson, at



You asked and we listened! New hours beginning August 1st will be 11am-6pm daily.

Come try some of our amazing Topa Topa beers on tap. We have Dos Topas, Chief Peak, and Spectro Hazy IPA. We also carry Dos Equis on tap, Bon and Viv hard seltzers, and hard Jun Kombucha Raspberry Goji Rose. Come check out what's new at the Café!




I simply cannot believe it is already August. While the first months of the year seemed to crawl it's now as if someone has hit the fast forward button. With all the virus-related restrictions in place we are truly blessed to have such a wonderful facility at which to play our racquet sports. I'm very much looking forward to the day when we can once again schedule socials, mixers and host interclub and USTA matches. Until then we'll do what we do - play the sport we love and enjoy the friends we make along the way.



Our youth summer camps have proven to be a wonderful opportunity for kids to be outdoors and have some sense of normalcy during these difficult times. Tennis courts are big and easy to spread out on and we've been having a blast. We had originally scheduled 4 weeks of camps 3 of which have been completed. The final session is scheduled for August 3-7 but it appears that we may need to do an additional encore session August 10-14 due to the amazing response and also so that we can staff and space properly. Stay tuned.


The angels from session #1



A nice sized group of pickleball enthusiasts has formed and is meeting at the courts on Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 9:00 AM to learn this fun game on our picturesque new courts. Please e-mail me ( if you'd like to be included on the growing list of players.