December Newsletter 2015


imgFriday, December 4th
at 5pm

• Hors D’Oeuvres
• SANTA!!!!

Bring in non-perishable goods and receive a raffle ticket towards winning prizes!


3 FOR $99
If you are not currently working with a personal trainer, take advantage of this rare opportunity to see what strength training can do for you – your health, your appearance, your energy level. All sessions must be completed by January 31st, 2016. Special pricing ends December 31st, 2015. Need help selecting a trainer? Contact Fitness Director Danielle Williams (cell 818-219-4835). What a great holiday gift!!! (purchase subject to each personal trainer’s availability).



16-weeks of workouts with videos of every exercise
PLUS a 16-week habit-based nutrition guide for only $27.

Are you looking for a solution that puts you in control and does not require meeting with a Personal Trainer…a program you can do on your own and that fits into your schedule?

I know you don't have to look far before being bombarded by the latest "health & fitness" magazine announcing how to "get amazing abs in 1-week". So many weight loss scams are straight out crazy and ridiculous, not to mention unrealistic. Today "quick and easy loss weight loss" sells but the only thing that is "quick and easy" is the speed that you'll get ripped off, waste your money and get upset at yourself once you discover you were played.

I would like to share a female fitness formula– no matter what your age, fitness level or body type - to reignite your passion for a healthy body. I am sending this email because I'm sick and tired of seeing you being robbed your money and your fitness results because of misleading information. I have learned over the years that there is an intelligent way to get lean without doing anything extreme. You see I have not always looked the way I do today. In fact, my body, fitness and health is 10x better at 40 plus years of age than it was at 23 years of age (don’t ask how big that plus is please). I have spent a good portion of my adult life feeling very unattractive, unhappy and being seriously unfit! In the past I worked out regularly and did the "eat healthy" thing… then on the weekends I'd ruin it by eating junk and neglecting the gym. And I just couldn’t drop body fat. I became that girl who knew how to wear the right clothes to camouflage all my flaws but underneath was a stockpile of pizza… chocolate… cookies. It was HUMILIATING, especially since I was a personal trainer! I had accumulated 20 pounds of unwanted body fat and had to figure out how to get some REAL and PERMANENT RESULTS.

So I stopped training like a girl and used a fitness formula specifically designed for fat loss. I also went under the tutelage of the number one exercise nutritionist in the world – Dr. John Berardi. In the fitness world this man needs no introduction. He holds a PhD in Exercise Physiology & Nutrient Biochemistry, he is a teacher of nutrition, a competitive physique athlete, a personal trainer, a researcher, an author and a nutrition coach to pro athletes and Olympic Gold medalists.

After all my experiences and training, I can confidently say that it REALLY IS NOT YOUR FAULT you're struggling to get a flawless figure. Getting a flawless figure is totally about strategy, science and simplicity:


A complete workout and nutrition package that will take your physique to incredible new heights over the next few months as you put the ULTIMATE BREAKTHROUGH WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM into action!

The Ultimate Breakthrough Weight Loss Program includes workouts And habit-based nutrition guides. This is a 16-week progressive workout program that will allow you to take control of every curve on your body and make no excuses so you can hold your head high and shatter your body's limitations while spending less than 4 hours per week in the gym. Every exercise includes a video demo.

A 16-week habit-based nutrition guide will be crucial to your success because you know that diet is everything when it comes to weight loss. Once you learn how to eat smart, you take control over your body and gain the power to flatten your belly and improve your health with every bite you take. Even though working out is powerful, they'll only work if you make smart food choices along the way. That's why these nutrition strategies are the perfect addition to your intense workouts.

How Much Does It Cost? We want to make the Ultimate Breakthrough Weight Loss Program accessible to as many people as possible, so we are offering it for a special price through the end of December for ONLY $27. Your dream body is within reach…all you need to do is send me an email at letting me know it is ok to charge your OVAC account a one-time fee of $27. You will receive an email with downloadable pdf files that can then be viewed on a Mac or PC. Start the program when you are ready and get ready for results.


This is a total mobility exercise for the quadriceps, hips, piriformis, glutes, low back and thoracic spine that will aid in improving shoulder limitations.

Begin laying on either side with one knee up, the other down in a neutral position, and the head supported by a foam pad. Take the hand of the arm that is in contact with the ground and grab the knee that is flexed up at belly button height. Take the other hand and grab the ankle of the leg that is behind the back, if it is too difficult to grab the ankle then use a towel or strap.

Begin to inhale and on the exhale start to rotate to the side of the up leg. Cycle through this progression a couple times until the shoulder is in contact with the ground. If it is too difficult to get the shoulder down, then elevate the flexed leg with towels or another object such as a step.




imgListen, transformation is not an event, it’s a process! The first step of that process is putting your trust into a fat loss expert. What makes a personal trainer a fat loss expert? RESULTS!

At the end of the day, results are what matter! As the leader of the Ojai Valley Athletic Club’s Dream Jeans Challenge, I have dedicated my life to helping people like you overcome the “impossible” and I KNOW what I’m doing. The Dream Jeans Challenge gets results. CONSISTENTLY. And we have fun doing it! What wouldn’t be fun about losing 6 inches in just 8 weeks (yes, I can make that happen).
Young or old…male or female…ectomorph or endomorph…average genes or amazing genes…deconditioned or pro lifter…it makes no difference!

I don’t care what set of obstacles life has dealt you…I am going to SMASH your genetics and incinerate the fat and make your body DRIP with confidence so you can LOVE your body 365-days a year. And I am going to make sure you have FUN along the way.

The next DREAM JEANS CHALLENGE starts the week of JANUARY 4TH. Please see below for full details or email me at
Jan 5th-Feb 25th Tu &Th 9:45-10:45am with Danielle
Jan 4th – Feb 24th M & W 4:00-5:00pm with Danielle
Jan 4th-Feb 22th M &W 6:00-7:00am with Brooke

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS You will bring in a pair of jeans that you would like to fit into. You should be unable to button these jeans. We keep the jeans here at OVAC. In 8 weeks you WILL be wearing those jeans.

*2 group training sessions per week for 8 weeks led by a certified personal trainer.
*8 more solo workouts designed by a certified personal trainer (2 per week).
*Nutrition program and journal.
*Fitting into your dream jeans.

HOW IS THIS PROGRAM DIFFERENT? You will not rely on a scale. This is not a weight loss program. This is a REINVENT your body FAT LOSS program. You will learn the importance of strength training and metabolic training in the quest to lose fat. You will experience breakthrough moments and the feelings of empowerment that come along with such moments.
COST (non-refundable) Reserve your spot with a payment at the Front Desk.
$198.50 billed Jan + another $198.50 billed Feb for members and $476 pre-pay for non-members.


imgKeep your swimmer conditioned!
Work up to joining swim team in January!

Drop-in workouts with Coach Meg:

December 16th, 18th, 21st, 23rd, 28th, 30th
Monday-Wednesday-Friday’s: 4:00pm-5:00pm
$12.00 drop-in/$60.00 all dates

Questions? Contact Aquatic Director Elin Cheverez 805-448-0577 or Swim Instructor Meg McCormick 805-421-9572


Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day! It was unfortunate that we had a rain out for the Turkey Trot this year, but no worries as we are going to have a fun mixed doubles event the weekend before Christmas. Make sure to mark your calendar for Dec 20th as we will have some fun tennis along with food and drinks!
I hope everyone is getting in some good tennis before the big rains hit this winter. Try to get out and work off some holiday meals if you can. If you need any help finding a partner or just want to use the ball machine for the first time, please contact me and hopefully I can take care of you!
Enjoy the holidays...stay safe and have fun!

See Ya on the Courts!


With the cancellation of the Turkey Trot, we are making it up this Dec with a fun mixed doubles mixer. This is free for tennis members with food and drinks. Tennis members sign up at the front desk beginning Dec 1st.


Future Stars Clinic
Level I Tuesdays at 4:00pm
Level II Thursdays at 4:00pm

Intermediate/Advanced Clinic
Wednesdays at 5:00pm

Tournament Players Clinic

Mondays at 5:00pm and Wednesdays at 4:00pm

Intermediate Adult Clinic

Fridays at 10:00am


In the Month of November the OVAC Pilates Studio received a Wunda Chair So you might ask what is a Wunda Chair? The Wunda Chair invented by Joseph Pilates is a powerful piece of equipment which has remarkable ability to build core stability, upper-body strength and lower-body power to improve performance in athletes, retrain the body after injuries, and increase overall physical conditioning.

Joseph Pilates originally invented the Wunda Chair with intention for a portable “Home Gym” as it was affordable and compact. The Early designs converted from a chair you could sit on to a chair you could exercise with. The chair even had removable cushions so it could be used as a functional piece of furniture fitting neatly in a home or apartment. The chair has undergone numerous changes over the years, and now has many more variations of Pilate’s exercises. The equipment is very simple, consisting of a seat, pedals, and springs which connect to the pedals to adjust the resistance.

The Wunda Chair offer numerous exercises from essential exercises for beginners, intermediate, and to very advanced exercises which can offer the most athletic challenges. To perform the more advanced chair exercises well, you need good upper body and leg strength, scapular and pelvic stability and a strong core. Unlike moves on the reformer or the Cadillac, most chair exercises are performed sitting or standing, which provides an excellent environment for functional and athletic training for people of all Pilate’s levels. This makes the chair a perfect exercise equipment for athletes wanting to feel the “burn” as well as for people who just need more strength, coordination, and balance. The chair is also very effective for creating sport specific programs for runners, bikers, soccer, basketball and tennis players, as it develops explosive leg power integrated with core strength and good biomechanics.

If you are interested in trying out this wonderful piece of equipment, then contact Julie Fox (323)829-5562 or Certificates are also available to give the gift of Pilates to your love ones.