February Newsletter 2018



I can't tell you how nice it is to be in 2018! It seems like everyone is getting back to their normal routines. We had an amazing tennis tournament that raised money for one of our members who was in need of a sports wheelchair. It was so much fun seeing everyone contribute to such a worthy cause! All of our programs throughout the club are going strong. If anyone is looking to get involved in our tennis or swimming programs please feel free to contact the front desk. Also, Group Fitness and Spinning classes are in full operations. We have over 70+ free classes for members so we should have something for everyone.
I hope everyone has an amazing February! Look for more events coming up at OVAC!

See Ya at the Club!




What’s happening in Kids Club in February? All month we will be doing heart healthy projects! Wednesday, February 14th, join us in Kids Club for special Valentine’s Day love!


Buy your punch cards now to use through 2018! Our prices in Kids Club will be increasing March 1st to $7.50 per hour, or $135 for a 20 hour punch card. Through February 28th, 2018 we are offering you the opportunity to purchase as many punch cards as you can use in 2018. Any purchased cards must be used up before December 31, 2018. Buy as many as you want. Our punch cards are already a wonderful value, giving you 20 hours for the price of 18 so get


Our 2nd annual club doubles Calcutta was a huge success. Thanks to everyone that participated and helped raise over 2000$ for a tennis wheelchair for our member Thomas.

Congratulations to our champions Valerie Greenberg/Karen Matthews and Jody Lemmon/Dan ‘Stark’ Ruark who took home the trophies in hard fought battles.


Our A2/B and C team will have their round robin on Friday 2/2 at 9 am. Hope to see lots of players out to have fun.




March 22nd 3:30pm-5:00pm
Mark your calendars!
Constance Holder, renowned Pilates Educator and Instructor
will be speaking about the benefits of Pilates for all ages.



I have had the pleasure of teaching Pilates at the Ojai Valley Athletic Club for about six months now. As an instructor, I have been lucky enough to establish strong relationships with my clients.

One of my clients, Erin Mills, has improved so much in her health and fitness while taking private sessions in Pilates. She was my first recurring client and I am so pleased with the difference she has made for herself and the dedication that she brought each time she came in. Pilates has allowed her to become leaner and feel stronger in her everyday life, which was exactly what she was looking for in her goals. She has lost a healthy amount of weight and she feels better in even just the fundamental tasks that are required of her each day. That is what is great about Pilates. This mind body connection helps us feel better mentally and physically.

To see someone be able to achieve what they desire by working with me has been such an amazing feeling. It is true when they say that practice makes perfect.




Many swimmers have asked where and how they can buy a swim parka; OVAC able to set up a Team Store at Truwest, our Parka supplier. These are very high quality parkas and they are made in Huntington Beach. Please follow the below link to order.


OVAC’s Manta Ray stroke clinic will start a new four week clinic on Feb 5! These classes fill up quick in the warm months so take advantage of the winter weather and get ahead of the summer rush!

Manta- Level 3- Stroke Introduction (ages 5-9)*
Swimmers learn improved stroke mechanics and efficiency swimming longer distances, diving and swimming in deep water pre-swim team readiness
*must be able to swim 15 yards unassisted and submerge head

Session 2 – February 5-28th Mondays and Wednesdays 3:45-4:30pm. Cost $80. Class Max 10
Session 3 – March 5-28th Mondays and Wednesdays 3:45-4:30pm. Cost $80. Class Max 10

Register ONLINE: Click here to register online
Questions: Contact Wendy Hellstrom
whellstrom@caclubs.com 805-204-6930


1. Swimming is low impact.
The buoyancy of the water removes the jarring impact that comes from most dryland activities. Swimming is a resistance exercise without lots of impact, with research showing that it can still provide bone strength benefits.
2. It’s good for the brain.
Competitive swimmers are whiz kids when it comes to breaking down splits and stroke counts. All of that lap counting in the water, adding of times, and continuous focus helps us better concentrate in other areas of life.
3. It gives you swimmer’s physique.
When you mention swimmer’s body, people know exactly what you are talking about.
Boulder-shouldered, broad back, lean and strong, swimming gives us a physique that is the envy of the sporting world.
4. It’s a safety thing.
Drowning is the leading cause of death for kiddos between the age of 1-4, and is the second leading cause of injury in children between the ages 1-14. Over the past decade the United States alone averages over 3,500 drowning deaths per year. That is about ten every single day.
Learning to swim gives us the confidence, awareness and competency to better navigate the pools, lakes, streams and ocean sports in our lives.
5. It’s a lifelong sport.
How many people are playing soccer at 60 and up? 10 percent of the 60,000 USMS swimmers nationwide are age 60 and over. Once a swimmer, the sport is something that will always be there for us in life. For some this means joining a Masters team and competing in the 95-99 age group, for others it means going to the club to do some solo laps, and for others it means floating around the splash pool or taking an aqua aerobics class.
6. It can be done solo or with a team.
The sport can be done quite easily solo or with a club. You already know the perks to training on your own; going solo gives you the “masters prerogative” (i.e. write your own sets, include generous amounts of hot tubbing), and gives you the quiet and disconnect from day-to-day life.
On the other hand, swimming with a local team or organization provides you the structure and social connection that comes with training towards a common goal.
7. It’s versatile.
Unlike most sports and physical activities, you can throw attention and effort at various parts of your body as needs dictate. Want a basic, full body workout? Swim. Want to hammer your upper body? Do some pull work with a band. Want to work your legs? Kick and throw on some fins. How about a deadly core workout? Roll on your back, streamline and dolphin kick your abs into submission.

Beginner Swim Workout
400 m(about a ¼ mile)
4X 25 Free EZ warm-up rest- 20 sec in between
4X 25 Kick with Kick board rest-20 sec in between
6X25 Free 1-3 EZ 4-6 Descend(swim each 25 a few seconds faster) 20 rest btwn
4X25 Alternate Free/Back by 25 -20 sec rest btwn
2X25 EZ free cool down



Danielle Wommack, Fitness Director

The New York Times Magazine ran an article about a Norwegian study that evaluated 5,000 subjects to try to determine their true FITNESS age. The study used many tests from BMI to cholesterol to VO2 max to come up with accurate results. As to be expected, some participants were pleasantly surprised and others were horrified to find out they were significantly older than their actual age. Using the information from this study, a website was created to give people a crack at determining their true fitness age, www.worldfitnesslevel.org. Give it a go and see how you fair.

I recently turned 49 years old, but loved seeing that I have the fitness level of an average under 20-year old. I wish I could tell that result to my aching body today but I will take the result as a reminder to keep up the good work. Getting older is one of those things that each of us has to come to grips with at some point. And like all things in life, there is an upside and a downside. Most of us acquire wisdom and perspective with age, along with muscles that atrophy and a diminished endurance capacity. But it is still up to each individual to decide to do what we can with what we’ve got.

The fitness calculator referenced above can be used as a good check-in, validation, or motivation. We all want to feel and look our best, but we also need to do so with realism and humility. I believe that you can make the decision to adopt a young attitude. So check in with your fitness age and remember to stay young at heart.


Begins February 11th $129 SALE! $99

If you're like most people, you were taught the same things growing up that I was: being skinny or fat is largely genetic and success at losing weight is a matter of effort and willpower. I can tell you that is simply not true. No matter your current weight or your background, I am convinced you can upgrade your diet and lose weight with the Rock Your Diet 21 Day Makeover.
I'm not making some lofty, melodramatic promise. This is a science based, real life tested program that is proven successful. This past year has been a rough one for me. After suffering from a serious infection, my body changed dramatically. I continued to exercise and eat the same but suddenly I felt tired all the time. I felt every bit of my 49 years and the weight kept coming on no matter what I did to eat "clean" or exercise. So I decided it was time to re-invent the wheel and became a Certified Nutritionist. This journey taught me about how inflammation and hidden food intolerances dramatically interfere with our ability to lose weight. I was able to shed 14 pounds effortlessly and the Rock Your Diet 21 Day Makeover was born. I feel great, energized and have found that it's not unusual for people to lose between 10 to 15 pounds in 21 days once they realize the roadblocks in the way.

So what is the Rock Your Diet 21 Day Makeover? Quite simply it's an anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, gut healing, weight loss inducing, recovery plan. And it's very specific - it outlines exactly what to eat every meal every day for the entire 21 days, as well as how to carry forward after that. It offers relief from a hidden epidemic of pain and suffering caused by the foods we eat, even the apparently healthy foods. This straightforward nutrition plan is supported by healing recipes so your body finally has the ability to shed pounds. You do not need to meet with me, meet with a personal trainer, or do any workouts to follow this plan (although I do think exercise is a good idea!). It is completely self-guided and delivered to you via pdf's in your email inbox. There are even recipes for vegetarians and vegans!
The Rock Your Diet 21 Day Makeover is going to show you how certain healthy foods sabotage your weight loss effort, energy levels, skin, sleep, mood and your overall sense of well-being. Each of the 21 days will focus on utilizing anti-inflammatory nutrition principles to heal your gut and re-train your taste buds to make sugar cravings a thing of the past. You will learn how to smoothly implement lifestyle behaviors that will optimize hormone, metabolic and immune function automatically. You will learn how to build a healthy plate that gets you the results you desire and still leaves you feeling satisfied. You will experience appropriate meal spacing to allow for a stabilization of blood sugar and your liver to begin to burn body fat optimally in a plan that is sustainable for life.

How do you know if any of this applies to you? Remember all health begins in the gut. Rock Your Diet will rock your world if any of these sound familiar to you:

Muscle aches
Joint pain
Sinus congestion
Post-nasal drip
Excessive sinus issues
Foul-smelling stools
Sleep problems
Difficult concentrating
Food cravings
Water retention
Trouble losing weight
Skin problems
Canker sores
Puffy, dark circles under your eyes
Premenstrual syndrome
Other menstrual disorders
Bad breath
Even cellulite, the bane of many women's existence, is associated with food intolerance.

What do you get with the Rock Your Diet 21 Day Makeover?
• 21 days of easy meal planning including breakfast recipes, lunch guidelines, dinner recipes, and weekly shopping lists (vegetarian & vegan recipes are provided also)
• A clear-cut plan of action that takes out the guesswork
• Goal setting and inspiration guides, a system to track changes to your body, and self-awareness worksheets
• Access to a private Rock Your Diet Facebook group to ask questions and share the journey with other participants, as well as receive information and support from me.

This journey is designed to empower and motivate you without making you feel intimidated so that you can:
• Lose up to 7-20 pounds in 21 days
• Reclaim your energy and overcome fatigue (priceless!)
• Boost sex drive and reset your hormones
• Never have to count calories or go hungry again
• Learn to avoid weight re-gain
• Eat healthy meals your entire family will enjoy
• Reclaim your overall health

What you'll need to succeed:

• A PROMISE to yourself that you are WORTHY enough to take care of your health
• The WILLINGNESS to try something new and to HANG IN THERE when you feel challenged
• The COURAGE to reach out if you have struggles, questions or need help

How to join:

• Claim your spot by emailing dwommack@caclubs.com
• The next Rock Your Diet 21 Day Makeover begins February 11 (enrollment deadline is Feb 6th)
• You will receive your emailed pdf material the preceding Thursday
• Your account will be charged $129 SALE! $99 prior to receiving your materials

Danielle Wommack has been the Ojai Valley Athletic Club's Fitness Director and leading weight loss expert for over a decade. In addition to holding multiple Certified Personal Training credentials, she is also a Certified Nutritionist, Manual Therapist, and Licensed Massage Practitioner. Danielle says, "My passion in life is to empower others to reach goals they never imagined possible, especially in the area of weight loss. Changing lives and experiencing real results with real people every day is why I love coming to work every day."