Januray Newsletter 2014



People say that “someday” they’ll take the time to be healthy. Then they get busy and somehow they can’t find the time to get started.

We need to keep the promises we make to ourselves. It’s important to make time for exercise now so we can enjoy the “best of our lives for the rest of our lives”. Don’t put off that fitness plan any longer! If you need help getting started call us and we will help you get going. We want to keep you healthy and happy for many, many years to come!

Our phone number is 646-7213. If you prefer email here are the addresses: For Fitness, contact Danielle Williams - Dwilliams@caclubs.com. For Swimming, contact Elin Cheverez - Elincheverez@gmail.com. For Tennis, contact Ryan Gaston - Rgaston@caclubs.com. For everything else, contact Nancy Prather - Nprather@caclubs.com. We can be reached by email or by phone -646-7213. We are here for you!



It’s time to celebrate the significant achievement of those members who performed 100+ workouts in 2013. We are honored to invite the 2013 Team 100 members to join us on Monday, January 20th, at 6:00pm for a banquet in their honor. Please RSVP to the Front Desk. Cost is $15 per person.

Tennis Update

I have to say...I really had a great 2013! It has been a real treat to get to work with great members and wonderful juniors on their tennis game. I am really excited to see all the progress our students have shown and can't wait to see what is in store for us in 2014. We have no social events set for January but look for a fun Valentine Mixer in February and also Interclub and USTA leagues starting up this month. I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season and can't wait to see everyone in 2014!

See Ya on the Courts!

Welcome New Tennis Pro Katya Welborn!!

imgI am very excited to announce our new tennis pro Katya Welborn. Katya was a tennis student herself at OVAC as a junior. She later became a strong player for Ventura College before transferring to Sonoma State where she played on the tennis team. She is a great addition to our team with her on court knowledge and amazing energy! If you want to schedule lessons with Katya please contact the front desk 646-7213.

OVAC Tennis Clinic Schedule

Pee Wee Tennis | (Ages 4-7) | Tuesday 4:00-4:45 | Cost $10
Futures Tennis (Ages 8 & up) | Thursday 4:00-5:00 | Cost $14
Intermediate/Advanced | Wednesday 5:00-6:00 | Cost $14
Tournament Level | Monday 5:00-6:00 and Wednesday 4:00-5:00 | Cost $14
Friday Adult Clinic | Friday 10:00-11:00 | Cost $14

Diets are Dead - What to do Instead


We all know that diets don't work for long, and often, don't work at all. But, if not a diet, then what? We have created our DREAM JEANS CHALLENGE to get you healthier and fitter than you ever thought possible in 8 weeks -- and stay that way forever -- while never "dieting" another day in your life. DREAM JEANS is for those who want to get in shape without having yet another thing in their lives to manage and worry about. DREAM JEANS, takes care of all the food and fitness-related thinking. You get to refocus and relax while getting healthier and fitter than you ever thought possible.

DREAM JEANS CHALLENGE will focus on empowering you. Here's what you can expect:

  • 8 weeks of personal coaching for anyone looking to get healthy, lose fat and get in the best shape of their life. You will attend 2 group training sessions per week with a certified personal trainer, as well as perform 2 additional solo workouts per week.
  • Help from experienced coaches who have done it themselves and who will guide you and hold you accountable.
  • A proven successful nutrition program and journal.
  • You WILL be able to button those jeans you have been dreaming of wearing.

Our Dream Jeans leaders are actually part coach/personal trainer, part nutritionist, part scientist, and a little personal concierge. Odds are, you'll like us at first, hate us at times (because we will hold you accountable and help you be consistent), and love us in the end. You commit to the program. We commit to you. And it works. We know because we’ve helped plenty of people just like you. You’ll be amazed at what is truly possible when you have the right help.


Register for Dream Jeans by emailing dwilliams@caclubs.com
$198.50 billed Jan + $198.50 billed Feb.
Sessions meet Mondays and Wednesdays at 6am OR Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:45 am beginning the week of January 6th.


Can you Do it? The Contralateral Core Lift

img-Fitness Director Danielle Williams, PES, CES, CPT

Even after spending more than a decade immersed in fitness, it never ceases to amaze me that there is always more to learn. I am still constantly learning new exercises and fresh ways to keep my body from adapting to the same old thing.

The exercises I appreciate the most are those that require integration of the nervous system, muscles and physical structure. An example would be a standing one-arm dumbbell row. As you row the dumbbell in your right hand, your left leg and hip are working to stabilize the movement. This requires a transfer of force through the center of your body (your core) between the left hip and the right shoulder. This complex neuromuscular control between opposite sides of your body is key to power and performance, whether you are hitting a tennis ball or running fast.

Unfortunately, a lot of the more common abdominal exercises don’t enhance this complex system of neuromuscular activation and control. That is one reason that fitness experts tell you typical floor crunches are not functional, whether you are part of the general population or an elite athlete.

I recently learned about a more functional abdominal exercise from fitness expert Chad Waterbury that will develop stability strength between your shoulder and opposite hip (i.e., core stability). Chad states that it is “ideal for anyone who wants to develop his/her midsection.” Chad calls it a Contralateral Core Lift and just like Chad warns, I found it to be more challenging than it looks. Try it out for a 5-second hold, working up to 20 seconds.

imgClick the following link to see Chad demonstrating the Contralateral Core Lift:

Complementary Session


Ethan Hudson wins 2013 Golden Fin Award

imgMasters swimmer Ethan Hudson won the 2013 Golden Fin award, awarded by Ojai Masters swim coach Rick Geoden. The Golden Fin Award is awarded to the Ojai Masters swimmer who shows the most dedication and determination throughout the year.

OJAI Heat Junior Swim Team Starts new 12 Week Session Monday January 6

imgAge group swimmers (6-14) have fun and learn the fundamentals of competitive swimming. Ojai Heat meets MWF from 3:30-4:30 and competes at swim meets throughout the year. Please see ovac.caclubs.com and click on Aquatics for more information and to download a registration form.

OJAI Heat Swimmers Compete at Winter Championship

imgOjai was represented by some awesome young swimmers at the 2013 Winter YMCA Championship at Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta. Swimmer’s ranging from 6-14 years took home 10 first places, 2 seconds and 11 thirds. All swimmers dropped time from their best times, making Coaches Elin Cheverez and Wenke Seider very pleased.
Congratulations: Jory Cheldin, Sienna Cherry, Eric Conkright, Scarlett Gamble, Hunter Johnson, Olivia Jones, Tayten Neiderhiser, Catlin Potter, Ela Ruf, Jem Ruf, Arley Sakai, Quin Seider and Sweden van Houten.

Dolphins Pre-swim Team in January

Beat the springtime rush and join Dolphins in January!! Swimmers will learn basic freestyle, backstroke and streamline push-offs.
Class is taught in the WARM 85 degree rec pool.
Tue and Thurs 4:00-4:45
MEMBERS $60/mo. $12.00/drop-in, NON-Member $85/mo.

Wellness Coaching