Group Fitness

OVAC offers a complete selection of classes for your enjoyment.  All group fitness classes are designed for a broad range of fitness levels.  Our instructors are trained to guide you through your own workout – at the intensity and speed that you desire.  Our goal is for every member to have a fun, safe and challenging workout out.  Please click here for the
Group Fitness Class Schedule to see the full listing of class times and teachers, with class descriptions.

  • Cardiorespiratory & Cardio Combo Classes

    Shape Up, Fit Fun, Body Sculpt and Spinning Read More »
  • Strength Classes

    On the Ball, Bosu Strength, Core Strength and Pilates Read More »
  • Low Impact Classes

    Aqua Splash, Aqua Sculpt, Hike, Stretch, Cardio Jazz, Zumba, Afro Brazilian Samba Read More »
  • Mind/Body Classes

    Yoga, Qi Gong Read More »
  • Children’s Classes

    SPARK for Kids and Fit Kids: Designed to get children of all ages moving and having fun. Parents must remain onsite.

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