Personal Training

If you are looking for more results, our personal trainers can make the difference between making no progress and obtaining results that exceed all your expectations. Whether your goal is fat loss, flexibility or strength, a personal trainer can help you put all the pieces together to achieve your goals. Our certified trainers are educated in the latest fitness research, and they provide fresh and innovative workouts that will help you develop a lifelong passion for fitness.

Contact personal trainer to schedule appointment

We are pleased to offer new members 5 FREE ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS and 1 FREE SMALL GROUP SESSIONS with a personal trainer.  See the FAQ and the Training Options and Pricing page for more details.

Contact a personal trainer directly to schedule an appointment for your One-on-One or Small Group Training session.  More information about each personal trainer can be found on the Trainer's Bio page.

If you need help choosing a personal trainer, please visit the Trainer's Bio page, or our contact Fitness Director Danielle Wommack at (805)646-7213 ext. 221 voicemail.

Training Options & Pricing

We are pleased to offer new members 5 FREE ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS and 1 FREE SMALL GROUP SESSION with a personal trainer.  All members are invited to try 1 FREE SMALL GROUP SESSION.

Visit the Trainer's Bio page for more information on our personal trainers.  If you are ready to make your first appointment, visit the Schedule an Appointment page.

See the FAQ page for more details.

One-on-One Personal Training (55 minutes)

1 session $90
5 sessions $400 ($80 per session)
10 Sessions $800 ($80 per session)

Note that 30-minute sessions are available at ½ the cost.

Semi-Private Personal Training (55 minutes)

1 Session $70 per person
5 Sessions $300 per person ($60 per person per session)
10 Sessions $600 ($60 per person per session)

Note that Semi-Private Personal Training is limited to 2 people. ½-hour sessions are available at ½ the cost.

Small Group Personal Training (45 minutes)

Drop-In Rate: $35 per session
4-Week Commitment: $30 per session

Note that Small Group Personal Training consists of 2 or more people.

Online Personal Training

$65 per month
You may cancel at any time and you will not be charged for the next month.