How old do I have to be to use the fitness centers?

14-years old.

Is there a dress code for the fitness centers?

Shirts are required. Jeans, cords or other street clothes are not permitted. Footwear must be closed-toed, rubber soled athletic shoes.

How many free sessions do I receive with a personal trainer?

We offer our new members 5 One-on-One Personal Training sessions and 1 Small Group Personal Training sessions. Visit the Training Options & Pricing page for more information.

How do I schedule my free sessions with a personal trainer?

Visit our Schedule an Appointment page. Or, visit the Trainer’s Bio page to select a certified personal trainer. Each personal trainer’s contact information is listed in their Bio so that you can contact them directly to schedule an appointment. Or, you If you are having a hard time choosing, please contact Fitness Director Danielle Wommack at (805)646-7213 ext. 221 voicemail.

What can I expect during my free sessions with a trainer?

During your free One-on-One Personal Training sessions, your certified personal trainer will perform simple assessments to provide valuable insight into your body. This information will be essential to developing an individualized fitness program that is both safe and effective. Your personal trainer will also orient you with our strength and cardio machines. During your 1 free Small Group Personal Training sessions you will have an opportunity to find what makes functional training so amazing. Visit the Trainer’s Bio page to find out more about our certified personal trainers.

What is small group training?

In a word, it’s FUN! And we have THREE levels to choose from. Small group personal training is the fastest way to achieve your health, fitness and weight loss goals and is done in a small group setting of approximately 2 to 8 people. The coaches are ready to connect with you as an ordinary person in a supportive, community-oriented environment free from big egos or attitudes. Every day we deliver real results for real people, people of all ages and capabilities to build stronger, leaner, more useful bodies through a science-based approach to health information and fitness. Choose the level that works for you:

  • ROCK IT – No Regrets: systematic strength and cardio high intensity interval style program is ready for all ages and fitness levels with a strong drive to improve.
  • REBUILD – No Pressure: exercise for our mature members, or those who are deconditioned, but still want to engage in life as fully as possible. The primary focus will be to increase your strength, joint range of motion and stamina to make each and every day vital.
  • REHAB-No Pain: a specialized program led by a manual therapist that will help you progress past the hurdle of your pain or injuries so you can move again and feel good about it

Please see the Group Fitness Schedule for available days and times (you will need to switch from Group Activities to Programs at the top of the Group Fitness Schedule) or contact Fitness Director Danielle Wommack at (805)646-7213 ext. 221 voicemail.

Do I need an appointment for small group training?

Yes, even if you are doing a drop-in session.

What is semi-private training?

This option allows two people to work with one trainer during a session at a reduced rate. Individualized programming is still provided.